Best Science Stories (Popular Science)

75+ Big Breakthroughs, Game-Changing Gadgets, and Crucial Discoveries

Best Science Stories (Popular Science)

From the archives of Popular Science magazine comes a collection of humans at their brightest and best—from landing on the moon to inventing heart replacements out of car parts, to the invention of the Internet to building the world’s tiniest battery.

In today’s day and age, everyone wants to know where we’re headed next and how to get their fastest—how to innovate and adapt at an unprecedented pace. But very often, the stories of those who have come before us can provide us with invaluable insight into what it means to be an innovator: how to trigger creativity in yourself, prototype in an unexpected way, or solve big problems with beautifully simple solutions. Best Science Stories is an invigorating read that tells 75 of the biggest science stories from the past 100 years and hints at how you can harness these stories for your own breakthroughs in tech and science.

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