Mia Mayhem

Mia Mayhem is a witty, action-packed series about a regular girl who has a super-secret—she’s a superhero-in-training as she goes on adventures…mishaps follow.

Coming Soon from Mia Mayhem

Mia Mayhem Is a Superhero! ON SALE12/18/2018
Mia Mayhem Learns to Fly! ON SALE12/18/2018
Mia Mayhem vs. the Super Bully ON SALE5/14/2019
Mia Mayhem Breaks Down Walls ON SALE7/16/2019

About the Author

Kara West

Kara West would love to be a superhero, mostly so she ask squirrels what they’re so nervous about. She lives in Chicago with her own cats, who, unlike Chaos, spend more time sleeping than causing trouble. Thank goodness.


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