Michael Bright

About The Author

Michael Bright is a writer and wildlife filmmaker. He has been an award-winning producer with the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol, England, and has written nearly 80 books, over half for children. General titles include Sharks (Smithsonian Institution), Animal Language (Cornell University Press), Wild Caribbean (Yale University Press), Andes to Amazon: Wild South America (BBC), Beasts of the Field (Robson), Man-eaters (Robson), Natural History and Weather (Barron’s Pocket Fact Books), Where Land Meets the Sea (Reader’s Digest) and 100 Years of Wildlife (BBC). Children’s titles include: the Endangered and Extinct Animals series, Awesome series, Survival series, World About Us series and Project Wildlife series for Franklin Watts; titles in the Nature Watch series for Southwater/Lorenz, and Looking into Nature’s Secrets (Reader’s Digest). He has been a consultant editor and contributing writer on The Wildlife Year and Exploring the Secrets of Nature (Reader’s Digest), DK Animal Encyclopedia (Dorling Kindersley) and specialist consultant on Animal Top Ten series and Spot the Difference series (Heinemann). He was consultant editor and a contributing writer on 1001 Natural Wonders (Barron’s Educational), and a consultant for 3D Explorers: Rain Forest. Michael lives in Bristol, UK.

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