Chicken Girls

Rhyme and the Runaway Twins

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About The Book

From the creators of the sensational YouTube hit series—over 150 million individual views—the first in a series of original novels.

Generation Z, which has been flocking to YouTube’s most popular series, will devour this suspenseful adventure featuring their favorite protagonist.

Rhyme knows that this summer is going to be a bust. All of her friends are on vacation or at dance camp—without her—and T. K., her maybe-boyfriend, is away all summer in LA. Rhyme is stuck helping the Attaway librarian prepare for the County Fair and studying for the important “Test Test,” so she can move up to the next grade and which she failed the first time. Such a boring summer. But when an enigmatic set of twins rolls into town in an old station wagon, looking for answers and acceptance, Rhyme gets caught up in a decades-old mystery of love, intrigue, and danger. Will Rhyme be able to help the twins and prove once and for all what she is capable of? Her friends are never going to believe this.

Chicken Girls is the most successful series from the fast-growing YouTube channel, Brat. Brat features short, scripted series featuring preteens’ and teens’ favorite social media stars. The channel has over two million unique subscribers, with plans to continue growing. Seasons 1 and 2 of Chicken Girls have 150 million views on YouTube, and Season 3 premiered in September 2018. Chicken Girls: The Movie, released in June 2018, has over 11 million views and 250 million minutes of watch time.

Several of the Chicken Girls stars, who will all promote the book, have vast social media followings and presence: Annie LeBlanc (Instagram 6.4m followers; Twitter 233k followers), Baby Ariel (Instagram 8.9m followers; Twitter 1.05m followers), Carson Lueders (Instagram 3.1m followers; Twitter 387k followers), Hayley LeBlanc (Instagram 2.9m followers), and Hayden Summerall (Instagram 2.6m followers; Twitter 246k followers), to name a few.

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