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Contemporary Prayers to Whatever Works

An Artist's Collection of Prayers to Nothing-in-Particular

A gorgeously illustrated collection of contemporary prayers, affirmations, and meditations for anyone in need of guidance, reassurance, and peace.

Here is a book of simple, informal, and to-the-point prayers to whatever (or whomever) works for you. The colorful ink-and-brush illustrations are placeholders for whatever that might be. The words are just starting points, to be altered as you see fit.

It is not a religious text, nor is it affiliated with any particular tradition. It simply provides daily prompts for seeking guidance, reconnecting to what matters, or finding peace—so consult it whenever you are in need.

Boston native Hannah Burr lives and works in southeast Michigan as a contemporary artist. She uses these and other prayers to relax and enjoy seismic shifts in her life. They’ve helped her remember, as she forgets repeatedly, that there are larger forces at work, gravity for example, of which she is a part. These prayers help her accept and tap into whatever that is. She is also the author of the first volume of Contemporary Prayers to Whatever WorksHelp meDo the Thing; and The Elements: A Love Letter to All Things Everywhere.