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DreamWorks Spirit Untamed: Magnetic Hardcover

Published by Studio Fun International
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Watch the adventure of Spirit Untamed come alive in this interactive, magnetic storybook with twelve die-cut magnets!

Relive the adventure of Spirit Untamed in this interactive, magnetic storybook! Use the twelve die-cut magnets of the characters—including Lucky and Spirit—as they go on the adventure of a lifetime and learn what it means to be wild and free. Young children will love exploring this new frontier while following this exciting retelling of the next DreamWorks Animation film.

Maggie Fischer is originally from Oregon, but now lives in Seattle, Washington, after receiving her B.A. in English from Gonzaga University. The daughter of a children’s librarian, Maggie has grown up surrounded by books and feels impossibly lucky to write and edit books for kids. She spends her time trying not to get worried about the increasing number of crows in her backyard, petting her enormous cat, Finch, and drinking more coffee than is probably healthy.

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