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Top Secret! No Kids Allowed!

When a young boy finds a top-secret parents’ guide to reprogramming disobedient children, it’s kids versus adults in this kooky illustrated middle grade thriller with nonstop, seat-of-your-pants action that will delight fans of Jarett Lerner and Stuart Gibbs.

When a tween boy [Codename: FuriousPopcorn5] picks up what he thinks is a cookbook and finds a diabolical parenting manual, his world turns upside down. OBEY: The Ultimate Guide to Hacking Your Kids was written by an organization called F.A.R.T. (Families Against Rotten Teens), a secret society of grizzled parents whose origins date back to antiquity. FP5 is determined to get to the bottom of this, but he seems to have already tipped his parents odd.

When FP5 begins investigating F.A.R.T the manual goes missing, his parents deny knowing anything about any kind of book, and—maybe strangest of all—kids at school start listening to their parents and teachers. F.A.R.T. proves to be more than just some gassy acronym and parental rules and regulations when FP5 and the Only Onlys, his best friends since preschool, discover F.A.R.T.’s grand plan: a brain modem that can turn kids into well-behaved zombies!

This wacky crew has no choice but to find out who’s behind the nefarious organization and save young people the world over from total F.A.R.T. domination!

Peter Bakalian is an award-winning writer and film producer whose work spans feature film, situation comedy, children’s programming, and interactive content. Starting as an intern at Walt Disney Studios, he has earned Emmy recognition for his writing on Imagine Entertainment’s Curious George and was nominated along with Suzanne Collins for Best Animated Screenplay by the Writer’s Guild for the Fox musical special Santa, Baby!. His work can also be seen on the BBC’s BAFTA winning series Big and Small, Scholastic’s Clifford’s Puppy Days, and Warner Bros.’ animated adaptation of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The King & I. He is a graduate of Harvard and the Annenberg School. He lives in Bradley Beach, New Jersey.