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Good Night Hugs

A Baby Animals Padded Board Book

Good night hugs! An adorable padded board book of baby animals snuggling with mommy, daddy, sister, or even friend. This is the perfect companion to help little ones drift into dreamland. 

Babies will love discovering photographs of cuddly kittens, joeys; otter pups; and other animals nuzzling as they fall fast asleep. 

The adorable pages asking littles ones to name the baby sleeping animal is sure to inspire quiet time between you and your toddler.  

The chunky board book with padded cover is just the right size for tiny toddler hands to grasp and hold. 

Gakken is Japan's #1 best-selling educational publisher. Founded in 1947 by visionary Hideto Furuoka, Gakken's philosophy of "Fun-First Learning" educates children through fun activities and expands their creativity and cognitive and non-cognitive abilities to promote lifetime success of children without the feeling of "active teaching."

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