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Happiness Hacks 2019 Daily Calendar

Part of Hacks

Make every day a happy day with the Happiness Hacks 2019 Daily Calendar!

From doing yoga with a friend to eating your carbs (yes, really!), these instant pick-me-ups are sure to make every day of the year better than the one before!

Adams Media, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, informs, instructs, and inspires readers across a variety of lifestyle categories by providing the content they’re looking for, from the experts they follow and trust. From New Age to Personal Finance, Cooking to Self-Help, Adams Media researches, identifies, creates, and distributes accessible content with implicit discoverability. Embodying a uniquely flexible “ground-up” publishing model, Adams Media navigates within or between consumer categories as market opportunity dictates. These are the books people are searching for. 

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