I Love You!

A Puzzle Pieces Book

Learn to count with 15 big puzzles pieces found on every playful page! Perfect for helping develop fine motor skills, animal name recognition, and matching by fitting the puzzles pieces into their place on the spread. 

Baby Bunny wants to hug Mama. Use the bunny-shaped puzzle piece to fit them into a snug hug!

One bunny puzzle piece, two bear puzzle pieces, three turtle puzzle pieces. . . and more! Learn to count to 15 while practicing matching and learning animal names. So, these playful pages help kids learn as they play! 

Perfect for celebrating friendship, Easter, and Valentine's Day, this interactive board book really says, "I Love You!" 

Gakken is Japan's #1 best-selling educational publisher. Founded in 1947 by visionary Hideto Furuoka, Gakken's philosophy of "Fun-First Learning" educates children through fun activities and expands their creativity and cognitive and non-cognitive abilities to promote lifetime success of children without the feeling of "active teaching."

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