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Mickey navigates the pitfalls, heartbreaks, and triumphs of seventh grade in this uplifting companion to I’m Ok, which award-winning author Gene Luen Yang praised as “funny and heartfelt.”

For the first time in her confident, bold life, Mickey McDonald is nervous about starting school. Her best friend, Ok, has moved away; her father has probably left town for good; and she can’t afford to go back-to-school shopping. But she’s going to make the most of things because that’s the kind of person Mickey is. Nothing’s going to stand in her way or get her down.

Still, the first few days of school are rough, until she becomes friends with Sun Joo, who has just moved to town. Their connection is instant and strong. But things get complicated when Sydney, the popular (and mean) girl in Mickey’s class, also takes a shine to Sun Joo. Suddenly Mickey is facing her first ever friend breakup, and it’s getting harder and harder to keep her chin up. Luckily, Mickey’s made of tough stuff.

Photograph © Sophie Kim

Born in Busan, South Korea, Patti Kim immigrated to the United States on Christmas, 1974. Convinced at the age of five that she was a writer, she scribbled gibberish all over the pages of her mother’s Korean-English dictionary and got in big trouble for it. But that didn’t stop her from writing. The author of I’m Ok; It’s Girls Like You, MickeyA Cab Called Reliable; and Here I Am, Patti lives in University Park, Maryland, with her husband, two daughters, and a ferocious terrier. Visit her online at

"Despite money stress at home, Mickey stays upbeat and inventive, as when she creatively repurposes a pillowcase into a skirt, and models both empathy and compassion while confidently standing up to the school’s mean girl. Along with her desire to help others, Mickey’s unfiltered commentary, for example about her first period and her mother’s smoking habit, make her an inimitable protagonist worth rooting for."

– Publishers Weekly

"In her follow-up to I’m Ok (2018), Patti Kim has crafted a story that anyone who is, or has been, in middle school can relate to. Readers will be cheering for Mickey’s pluck and perseverance to the last page."

– Booklist

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