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NCLEX-RN Premier 2015-2016 with 2 Practice Tests

Book + Online + Video Tutorials + Mobile

Pass the NCLEX-RN! NCLEX-RN Premier 2015-2016with 2 Practice Tests combines Kaplan's unique strategy guide with the most test-like questions available to help you to meet the challenges of this exacting computer-adaptive test, including:

* 2 practice tests (one in the book, one online)
* 60 minutes of video tutorials led by noted NCLEX expert Barbara Irwin
* Mobile study resources for prep on the go
* Instant online analysis and feedback on your performance
* In-depth analysis of NCLEX-RN question types, including alternate format questions
* 47-item sample of Kaplan's rigorous NCLEX-RN Question Bank online
* Detailed answer explanations
* Tips for mastering the computer-adaptive test

With efficient test prep via book + online + mobile, Kaplan's NCLEX-RN Premier 2015-2016 will make you assured and confident on test day.

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