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Popular Science Kids: Weird, Wild & Wonderful

Amazing Animals From Tiny to Tall, Furry to Feathered & Sea to Sky

Our world is teeming with amazing animals of every kind—small and sweet, big and bad, fun, fantastic, freaky, and downright scary! 

The Giant Book of Anmials will give kids a close-up look at many of these, both familiar and unfamiliar, from the huge blue whale to the tiny pink fairy armadillo and dozens of other animals from all around the globe. They’ll also get a fanciful glimpse of a few mythical creatures that have only existed in legendary tales, as well as a look at very real animals that are now permanently gone from the planet. Finally, kids will learn about some of the many species that are critically endangered today, giving them their first awareness of how important it is to respect and protect all of Earth’s animal life.

David Schonauer has written on subjects ranging from the Apollo 11 moon mission and rock climbing to environmental law and the history of paparazzi photography. His work has appeared in The Atlantic, The New York Times, Smithsonian, Outside and many other publications. He is the former editor in chief of American Photo magazine and the recipient of the National Magazine Award. He lives in Beacon, New York. 

With 140 years of science and tech coverage including notable alumni contributors such as Charles Darwin, Louis Pasteur, and Thomas Edison, Pop Sci’s commitment to demystifying the world occupies a unique space in publishing. From explaining the inner workings of the phone in your pocket to the marvels of deep space, Popular Science is instrumental in shaping and explaining science as we know it.

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