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The Beatles: The Definitive Guide to the Fab Four

Tin with Book and 4 Vinyl Coasters

Published by Igloo Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

In little under a decade, four young men from Liverpool became more than anyone could have predicted. The Beatles provided the soundtrack for the 'Swinging Sixties', wrote and recorded groundbreaking albums, made films, and had millions of fans around the world. To pay tribute to their success as one of the world's most loved bands, this special tin includes four vinyl record coasters that celebrate some of the Fab Four's best-known hits!

Featuring intimate photographs, familiar publicity shots and a lively account of their career, from the band's early days to their break-up, this book looks back at the story that is The Beatles. Alongside the year-by-year and album-by-album descriptions, there are also comprehensive guides to their singles and movies, as well as a whole host of surprising facts.

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