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The Life-Changing Magic of Goofing Off

A hilarious activity book from the popular @XplodingUnicorn Twitter comedian James Breakwell! Includes quizzes, activities, cutouts, and jokes for every kid to enjoy.

There are many books that teach kids how to be organized, excellent students, and in general how to get a grip on life. This is not one of those books. Dadfluencer James Breakwell has crafted a hilarious activity book designed to relieve the pressures of everyday life and let kids just enjoy taking some time to wonder about truly ridiculous questions including things to yell going down a waterslide, calculating your height in ducks, and taking a quiz to determine if you're a spider. It's self-care for kids wrapped in a funny and absurd package of jokes and activities for the smart, quirky young person.

With over 90 full-color pages of puzzles, quizzes, activities, and cutouts, The Life-Changing Magic of Goofing Off is hours of fun for every kid who just needs to take a break sometimes. Perfect for slumber parties, rainy days, and long car trips that need to be survived -- or ELSE!

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