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The Very Hungry Parasite

It's Not What You're Eating, It's What's Eating You (A Bathroom Companion for Adults)

Illustrated by Aja Mulford
Published by Ulysses Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster


Your time on the toilet will never be the same when the colorful facts and stomachchurning trivia in this illustrated bathroom reader begin to scare the crap right out of you, including:

• The uniquely powerful diarrhea of Minnesota

• How a common STD can turn you into a disfigured walking tree

• The brain-eating amoeba that could be swimming in your pool

• How much mucus your body produces

• An untreatable disease that creates real-life zombies (with sex addictions)

• How a sexy fad nearly eradicated an entire species of lice

Josh Miller is a blogger, film critic, screenwriter, and author of A Zombie's History of the United States and The World Reduced to Inforgraphics.

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