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Waiting for Odysseus

Four women.
Four stories.
One man's journey.

Odysseus. His epic tale has been told countless times, but rarely is it heard through the voices of the women who loved and served him. Penelope, Circe, Athena, Eurycleia: Theirs are the silent voices, the voices of longing, waiting, strength. They are the women who moved him and motivated him. And now they shed new light on his age-old journey.

Swift, powerful writing.

Booklist This is a retelling that will hook modern teens -- it has the original's adventure, heroism, sex, and romance, made even more accessible by the intimate voices.

School Library Journal McLaren adds variety and richness to this already dramatic tale, full to bursting with love, adventure, and hard questions about life.

Kirkus Reviews A riveting page-turner that...brings a feminine perspective to a classical adventure....This book shines new light on mythic figures and their voyages, and may send voracious readers back to the original.

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