Twice the Trouble

Twice the Trouble

(Book #2 of States of America)
For Ages: 8 - 11
It all began the day Chrissie Scott looked into the mirror and saw somebody else's reflection. A boy who looked exactly like her. Nothing would ever be the same again....
Just when Chrissie and Chris think they have conquered the mad sorceress Lori Lee, who threatened to destroy Chris's world of magic, along comes an even greater threat. His name is Larry Lee -- Lori's double -- and he's about to hijack the satellite that will make him Master of the Universe!
Chrissie summons Chris into the real world. But will their magic work here? Chrissie, Chris, their pet dragons, and friends Jessica and computer-whiz Henry race to stop the evil genius before it's too late. They have only seven hours before the space shuttle is launched and Larry Lee conquers Earth....
This Edition:
9780743417631 Trade Paperback $9.95 Aladdin December 01, 2001
Other US Editions:
9780743417662 eBook $9.95 Aladdin October 03, 2002
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