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Eloise at the Ball Game

Part of Eloise
Other primary creator Hilary Knight

Eloise goes to a baseball game in this hilarious Level 1 Ready-to-Read that’s perfect for emerging readers!

What better way for Eloise and Nanny to enjoy a perfect summer day than by going to a baseball game?

Kay Thompson (1909–1998) was a singer, dancer, vocal arranger, and coach of many MGM musicals in the 1940s. The Eloise character grew out of the voice of a precocious six-year-old that Miss Thompson put on to amuse her friends. Collaborating with Hilary Knight on what was an immediate bestseller, Kay Thompson became a literary sensation when Eloise was published in 1955. The book has sold more than two million copies to date. Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight created four more Eloise books, Eloise in Paris, Eloise at Christmas, Eloise in Moscow, and Eloise Takes a Bawth.

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