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Title Feed Request Form (ONIX)

Please fill out the form below to start receiving Simon & Schuster data feeds from Firebrand.

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About S&S Feeds


The ONIX message is a set of data elements defined by 'tags' written in XML. Simon & Schuster is able to provide sample ONIX files upon request. Please see Editeur's ONIX homepage to help answer any specific questions on ONIX and implementation.

Text File

Text files can be provided in either tab delimited or pipe delimited formats and are readable in spreadsheet applications. Text files include many of the same fields as the ONIX feed, however, text files are not as robust as an ONIX feed. Simon & Schuster is able to provide sample text files upon request.

832 EDI Catalog File

832 files are the least robust of the data feed formats. 832 files contain only basic bibliographic information in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) format. Simon & Schuster is able to provide sample EDI files upon request.