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Finding Your Higher Self

Your Guide to Cannabis for Self-Care

About The Book

Incorporate the calming effects of cannabis into your self-care routine with more than 100 activities for an elevated sense of wellbeing.

Self-care is an important part of modern-day life, as we all strive to slow down and take better care of our minds, bodies, and souls. Now you can add some THC (or CBD) to your TLC. This guide advises ways to incorporate cannabis into your self-care routine, with tips on creating a CBD topical to rub on stiff muscles, drawing a warm bath with essential oils and a soothing lungful of calming cannabis, or relaxing in child’s pose after a few gentle doses of your vape pen. This book has advice for infusing your day with the healing and soothing power of marijuana.

Use cannabis to unwind as a healthy alternative to a glass of wine or try adding it into your meditation practice, yoga session, or your bathing rituals to maximize your quiet moments. Finding Your Higher Self includes a multitude of activities to enjoy throughout the day when you need some “me” time.

Featuring activities like:

—Practice the Four-Flower Power Breath

—Give Yourself a Massage with Cannabis Oil

—Enjoy a Flower-Fueled Face Mask

—Try a Medicated Meditation After a Really Rough Day

Finding Your Higher Self offers all the tips and tricks needed to integrate weed into your self-care routine so you can further benefit your relationship with yourself and others and find time to truly relax.

About The Author

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Sophie Saint Thomas is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn and is originally from the US Virgin Islands. High Times named for her one of their “100 Women in High Places” for her writing on cannabis. She is also the author of The Little Book of CBD for Self-Care. She has been published in GQ, Playboy, VICE, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, Allure, Glamour, Marie Claire, High Times, Nylon, Refinery29, Complex, Harper’s Bazaar, PRIDE Magazine, SELF, and more. She currently lives in Greenpoint with her two marmalade tabby cats, Mama Cat and Major Tom Cat. She has more than one David Bowie tattoo.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Adams Media (December 10, 2019)
  • Length: 224 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781507211403

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Raves and Reviews

“Can marijuana really improve your health and extend your life? Absolutely! And in Finding Your Higher Self, Sophie Saint Thomas reveals how to properly infuse cannabis and CBD into more than one hundred fun activities and soothing rituals that treat stress, heal trauma, and enhance pleasurable experiences. I discovered new and creative ways to enjoy my favorite flower and you will too!”

—Danny Danko, senior cultivation editor of High Times

“In Finding Your Higher Self, Sophie Saint Thomas effortlessly guides readers into creating affirming and spiritual experiences all inspired by the healing and downright magical effects of cannabis. Filled with research, scientific data, and only rituals of self-care a witch could write, this book helps readers find their most authentic selves while helping to remove the stigma of working with this plant. From meditation to creative rituals to new ways of interacting with cannabis, this book is an indispensable guide to self-care for mind, body, and soul. Whether you’re a longtime stoner or are just now starting on your plant-medicine journey, you will find something of importance and value in these pages as you connect with your higher self.”

—Gabriela Herstik, author of Inner Witch: A Modern Guide to the Ancient Craft and “The High Priestess” column in High Times

“Sophie Saint Thomas embodies what I like most in writers—infinite curiosity, earnestness (without a smidge of naivete), and strong sense of self-awareness. Plus, she’s really freaking funny. Reading her work immediately makes you want to be her friend, and for good reason. Because if more people had brains as beautiful as SST’s, the world would be a more interesting and titillating place. I won’t hold my breath, though. She’s a true gem among pebbles!”

—Zach Sokol, culture writer and managing editor of Merry Jane

“For too long cannabis has been viewed as a harmful substance—a flower without benefit—when all along it has illustrated the opposite to be true. Sophie does an amazing job painting this picture in Finding Your Higher Self, uplifting some age-old practices past their propaganda-stained stigmas, and introducing some new ways to not only find peace, but to elevate your quality of life. This is an excellent read for those looking to infuse their life with a more spiritual approach.”

—Jon Cappetta, vice president of content at High Times

“Cannabis has a unique ability to promote inner peace, and Sophie Saint Thomas has created the perfect primer for anyone who wants to harness the calming power of plant medicine. Whether you’re canna-curious or a well-versed enthusiast, you’ll find dozens of opportunities to enhance your life with cannabis in Finding Your Higher Self.”

—Molly Peckler, founder of Highly Devoted

“Sophie’s the cool aunt who comes into your life, teaches you about weed, and changes your whole world. No one does self-care like Sophie. Finding Your Higher Self will help you open your third eye, joint in hand.”

—Zachary Zane, cannabis columnist at Civilized and contributor to Rolling Stone

Finding Your Higher Self is exactly what I needed to satisfy my curiosity for using cannabis as a tool for self-care and discovery. Sophie Saint Thomas’s style is perfect, refreshing, and enlightening. Reading this book and working through the exercises was fun and uplifting, and something I will revisit again and again.”

—Vanessa Cuccia, author of Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure: Awaken Your Sensual Energy Using Crystals and Healing Rituals, One Chakra at a Time

“Sophie Saint Thomas is single-handedly helping bring conscious cannabis users out of the closet and into the mainstream with her depth of knowledge; disarming wit; and generous, ethics-driven spirit. This book offers a safe space, for both the weed-curious and lifelong weed lovers, to explore one of nature’s greatest healers and helpers through the lens of self-care. Just as it should be.”

—Jerico Mandybur, author, spiritual self-care coach, and cannabis advocate

“This book is fantastic, especially for the growing number of people who are curious about using cannabis as a tool for supporting and nurturing themselves. Sophie Saint Thomas is a thoughtful, inventive writer with excellent practical tips for incorporating cannabis into your self-care regimen on all levels: physical, emotional, and even spiritual. A highly accessible resource designed to meet readers where they are.”

—Ashley Manta, CannaSexual founder

“Those who need help surrendering can turn to Finding Your Higher Self.”

Publishers Weekly

“An amazing gift.”

The Daily Dot

“A beautifully designed, compelling written book … proving that there’s practically no form of self care that isn’t made better with cannabis.”

High Times

“An all-in-one roadmap to gentle enlightenment, invigorating revitalization, and radical better living.”

Merry Jane

“A guide to help you root into an ongoing practice that promotes loving who you are. Because when you fall madly in love with yourself, you create fertile soil for deep, powerful healing.”

Weed News

“This is the perfect time to bring your self-care to a whole new level.”

The Weed Blog

“A great gift … friendly and unassuming.”

Pagan Pages

“An indispensable guide.”

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