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EDI - Electronic Data Interchange


What is EDI?

EDI or Electronic Data Interchange is a set of standards for electronically exchanging business documents between and among businesses. EDI emulates paper based documents. One of the key benefits of EDI is that it reduces human intervention or re-keying on either end of the transaction.


What are the benefits of using EDI?

  • Faster and more accurate method of exchanging documents with publishers
  • Searchable title databases providing status and pricing are available through many systems
  • Documents can be automatically processed into customer systems, reducing the need for manual entry and updates
  • Orders process hourly or less during the business day and acknowledgements are returned within a short time period, providing the status of the titles ordered
  • Invoices and Advanced Shipment notices are available electronically, providing visibility across the supply chain.


Electronic Ordering Options


PubEasy is a user-friendly third party system that is available to customers 24/7. PubEasy allows customers to place orders, check title status, backorder status, title price/availability and request/receive invoices all for free.

If you are not already a PubEasy customer, go to and complete the free Registration! 


Pubnet is a third party system that requires the use of a Standard Address Number (SAN). Orders process hourly and a Purchase Order Acknowledgment (POA) is returned hourly between 5:30am- 5:30pm ET. Free Electronic Invoices available.

To setup a Pubnet account please go to or call 1 800-PUBNET1

Further details, contact: or call 1 800-223-2336
S&S SAN # 2566044


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) utilizes a Value Added Network (VAN) for multiple documents to be traded.

Documents Available for Trading:

  • Purchase Order (850)
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgment (855)
  • Advanced Shipping Notice (856)
  • Invoice (810)
For more details, please download & fill out our EDI request form. Once completed you can submit to





S&S encourages our vendors to utilize EDI solutions wherever possible to facilitate communication between our companies and to our end customers. 

What EDI documents does Simon and Schuster support with its vendors?    

  • 856 Advance Shipping Notice (refer to Vendor Shipping Requirements)
  • 940 Warehouse Shipment Order
  • 945 Warehouse Shipment Advise
  • 997 Functional Acknowledgement
  • 810 Electronic Invoice


For more information on getting setup with Simon & Schuster for EDI transactions, please contact Matt Malone at or (856) 824-2447.