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Framed! Crime-Fighting Collection

Framed!; Vanished!; Trapped!

Part of Framed!

James Ponti takes readers on three heart-stopping mysteries rich with adventure, unforgettable characters, and old-fashioned sleuthing in the Edgar Award–winning Framed! series—now available in a collectible boxed set!

Middle school is hard. Solving cases for the FBI is even harder. Doing both at the same time—well that’s just crazy. But that doesn’t stop Florian Bates! Get to know the only kid on the FBI Director’s speed dial—and several international criminals’ most wanted lists—in this adventurous series that School Library Journal says combines “elements of Alex Rider, James Bond, and Sherlock Holmes.”

This collection includes paperback editions of:

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James Ponti was born in Italy, raised in Florida, and went to college in California. After receiving a degree in screenwriting from the USC Film School, he began a career writing and producing television shows for the likes of Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, PBS, Spike TV, History Channel, and Golf Channel. James loves writing, travel, and the Boston Red Sox. He lives with his family in Orlando, Florida.

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