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In this harrowing near-future thriller, a teen girl reeling from a recent tragedy tries to do the right thing knowing one wrong move could unravel her society’s fragile order.

Persephone “Sephy” Hadley is six months pregnant with a biracial baby, a parentage that could be a death sentence in her brutal society. And Sephy has no one to help her after the baby’s father was hanged for terrorism months ago. As her due date approaches, Sephy feels more and more haunted by her lost love.

But she’s not the only one who misses Callum. His brother, Jude, hasn’t forgotten—or forgiven—anything about what happened. And he blames Sephy for Callum’s death. Jude won’t rest until he’s avenged his brother by murdering the girl who got him killed.

Jude’s actions bring him dangerously close to meeting the same fate as Callum. With the man who wants her dead poised on a knife’s edge, Sephy must decide if she’s willing to save him from himself.

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Malorie Blackman pursued computer science before becoming a full-time writer. She gained phenomenal success with her first book, Hacker, which won two major UK children’s awards, and has gone on to write a number of other award-winning children’s books. An avid reader, musician, cineaste, and web surfer in her spare time, Malorie lives in South London with her husband and their daughter, Elizabeth.

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