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My First Learn to Draw: Animals

Illustrated by Melissa Webb
Published by Silver Dolphin Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

My First Learn to Draw: Animals provides everything kids need to create their own fantastic animal adventures!

My First Learn to Draw: Animals makes learning to draw simple! With step-by-step instructions, practice areas, and fun backgrounds—all especially designed for beginners—children can create wonderful works of art in no time! The book features a range of animals from lions and bears to sharks and spiders, plus a full coloring set including adorable animal pencil toppers.

Melissa Webb
has always been drawing ever since she was a little girl and has been working as a freelance illustrator for around 35 years. Starting out using pencils, then pens and paintbrushes, Melissa now does all her drawing using a computer and drawing tablet. She has always enjoyed drawing animals and using lots of colors. She lives with a silly collection of too many animals, including three cats (Millie, Minky and Ringo) and two dogs (Ruby who has a noodle nose and Ping who has no hair on his body).

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