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Piatti for Children

Published by NorthSouth Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Beloved Swiss designer Celestino Piatti’s fun and retro children’s picture books—all seven combined in one volume for the first time—make this collection a visual treat for the whole family! 

Celestino Piatti is one of Switzerland’s most famous artists. The designer of thousands of posters and book covers made Piatti an icon. The owl was his hallmark, as was his graphic style with its distinctive black lines. Piatti also painted for children. He illustrated seven picture books at the height of his career. For the first time they are all gathered in a high-quality volume: Animal ABC, Barbara and the Dormouse, The Happy Owls, The Little Crayfish, Circus Nock (The Circus Family), The Golden Apple, and Holy Night.


Celestino Piatti (1922–2007) was a Swiss graphic artist, painter, and book designer, born in Wangen near Zurich, Switzerland. The trained graphic artist was a popular illustrator of children’s books and gained international fame thanks to the more than 6,300 book titles that he designed for Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag (DTV) from 1961 onwards. Piatti also designed posters, postage stamps, stained glass, murals, and iron sculptures, and he worked as a writer and caricaturist. His work has received several awards. Although he used a wide variety of techniques, his style—black outlines and vivid colors—was always unmistakable. 


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