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Spot the Differences: Adorable Animals!

50 Totally Engaging Puzzles!

Book #1 of PBS Kids
By (artist) Georgia Rucker / Created by PBS KIDS

PBS KIDS Spot the Differences puzzles are totally addictive fun for children ages 3-5. 

Fifty irresistable animal puzzles challenge children to focus, count, and compare pictures to find subtle (and hilarious) differences between them. From extra toes to amusing accessories, migrating spots, and more, animal-loving kids will be thoroughly engaged—and they'll hone important skills while they play!

Georgia Rucker has illustrated several books including the Generation Girl series, My Favorite Shoes, My Favorite Purse, and the Allegra Biscotti series. Her doodles can be found in many of the books she also designs from her office in Madison, WI.

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