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Star Trek: The Next Generation: Day of Honor #1: Ancient Blood

In this first of the thrilling Day of Honor series, Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Worf and his son find themselves at a deadly crossroads between Klingon honor and their own personal ideals.

To Klingon warriors, no occasion is more sacred than the Day of Honor—a celebration where they pay homage to all that makes them Klingon. But honor often comes at a price and Worf finds his tested when he goes undercover to infiltrate a planetary criminal network.

How can he root out the overwhelming corruption without resorting to deceit and treachery himself? Meanwhile, his son, Alexander, is confronted with his own dilemma. How can he align his own sense of Klingon honor with his human heritage?

Together, father and son embark on a complicated and dangerous journey that may cost them their Klingon souls.

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