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The Light on Hogback Hill

On Halloween night, Hadley and her new friend Josh journey to the top of Hogback Hill to solve a mystery that has haunted their town for years, but instead they discover an old woman with a tragic past.

When the new kid in town, Josh, wonders what is behind the terrible songs that the kids in school sing, Hadley tells him of the creepy stories about the old hunchback that lives on the hill with a hundred black cats. The legend is that if you go up there and disturb her, she’ll turn you into a cat.

Hadley can see the light on the hill from her bedroom window, but she wouldn’t dare tell her friends that the stories often give her nightmares…

​But when Halloween night comes around, Josh talks Hadley into taking the terrifying journey up Hogback Hill to solve the mystery. While they search for the truth behind the haunting stories, Josh and Hadley discover a very old secret that someone wants to make sure is kept.

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