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Join Katy, Cassie and Zia on an Arctic adventure!

Winter has arrived, and the girls decide to warm up with a picnic in the North Pole. But to their surprise the animals give them a frosty reception.

Before they can enjoy snowflake-shaped sandwiches, shimmering doughnuts and mountains of ice cream, they must first win the trust of the Arctic Queen and discover why the North Pole is melting.

'I love this adventure! It’s made me want to save the world, just like Katy, Cassie and Zia!'

– Annabel, age 6

'This book really shows that everyone has a talent even if they don’t know what it is yet. Sometimes to find it, you have to use a little bit of teamwork.'

– Dolly, age 8

'I loved it so much! It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read.'

– Meg, age 7

'I stayed up late finishing the book as I was so absorbed. It is a really fun and magical story, and the characters really remind me of my best friends. Since reading it, my younger sister and I have been using our imagination to try to create our very own North Pole adventure at home.'

– Eloise, age 8

'My two girls aged 5 and 8, really enjoyed The North Pole Picnic. It's so refreshing to read fiction aimed at young girls that really captures their imagination and sense of fun without having fairies, princesses or witches! The book also manages to subtly deliver important messages about climate change and embracing individuals' differences as part of the magical story. We can't wait to read the next book in the Playdate Adventure series!'

– Emma, parent

'An inclusive and epic adventure with an important meaning. The kids in my class love it. It teaches children to think about the consequences of their actions.'

– Laura Edwards, Primary school teacher at Radnor House

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