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Time Runners: Past Forward


The USA in 2021 is not a pleasant place - after the death of President Carlton in 2016, civilisation has broken down. Several states have ceded, the people fear for their lives. There are gun battles on the city streets and barely enough food to go round. Jamie and Anna are with a group of children at a scientific facility on the outskirts of Washington DC - a compound guarded by the army and with rioters and disaffected clamouring to get inside this safe-haven. But Jamie and Anna don't care about that - they're here because someone at the facility is developing time travel, and that shouldn't happen for centuries yet. With rioters breaking in from outside, and a terrifying monster on the loose inside, our heroes meet the businessman who's funding the research: Darkling Midnight. Can Jamie and Anna stop the monster, escape the rioters, and discover what Midnight's up to? How is it all tied up with the death of the President? And why are the children here - unless they are part of the time experiments themselves?

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